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• Patti G. 56, female

Kathy, I just want to thank you for your compassionate, caring approach to me and my apprehension with acupuncture.
I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor and had major hot flashes and night sweats following chemotherapy. Because my cancer was estrogen driven, I was not a candidate for hormone replacement therapy. I heard on the news about a study that found acupuncture was just as effective as HRT, so I decided to try it.

So I called Kathy and made an appointment. I sure wondered if I was crazy to go and have needles stuck in my body and how painful it would be, but to my delight, there was very little pain associated with the needles and my hot flashes and night sweats have diminished significantly. Even my husband has noticed that the bed isn't sweaty in the mornings anymore, and he tends to be quite oblivious.

So now we are working on my back and knees, and I also have much less pain there . It is amazing how something that has been around for thousands of years and works so well is overlooked by current medical professionals. I encourage all of my friends to see Kathy whenever they are complaining of aches and pains. She develops a unique treatment for each session depending on my needs that day and I appreciate that she treats me as an individual and doesn't use generalized, one-size fits-all treatments for my complaints. What I really want to say is KATHY ROCKS!!     Thank you so much for everything you have done.

test• Ann H.M., Registered Yoga Teacher

My body, mind and spirit rested on the table in a clear peace. My experience of Classical Acupuncture sessions with Kathy are beyond what I have experienced with any other Traditional Acupuncture. Kathy's thorough detailed intake, insight into what I need at each visit, delicate touch, diet evaluation as well as cleanliness of the treatment room has made each session a true Healing Experience.
 Kathy, thank you again.

• Marjorie Y.

I have used acupuncture in the past to relieve arthritis and post-surgical pain; there is no doubt that this modality works.  It is important, however, to find an acupuncturist who has a high level of expertise and intensive training.  Kathy is one of these rare individuals. When I decided to seek treatment for a life-long sleep disorder, I was referred to her by someone who had trained with her and had seen her dedication and superior work first hand.  Beyond her extensive and rigorous training in Classical Chinese Medicine, she possesses a calming, therapeutic and unhurried presence.  Kathy has taken the time to get to know me and fully understand my problem and has helped me tremendously; sleep is deeper and I feel refreshed and energetic daily.  I am grateful to have found Kathy and recommend her strongly.

• T.S., 30, female

After the birth of my first child, I developed tendonitis and trigger thumb. My thumb was so bad at one point, I couldn't even bend it, which made caring for my newborn difficult. But, within a few sessions, Kathy alleviated the pain and I now have full use of my thumb. In addition, Kathy helped me with some other issues I had that were present before I was pregnant, such as difficulty sleeping, night sweats, ringing in my ears and eye floaters.


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