herbs, like acupuncture, falls under the larger umbrella of Chinese Medicine. We have experimented with the therapeutic qualities of seeds, leaves, barks, flowers, stems, roots, fruits and more for millenia. The Chinese herbal materia medica is an ongoing culmination of our human experience.

herbs-pageWorking from the inside out, herbal formulas introduce powerful medicinal substances to aid in your return to balance while acupuncture does this from the outside in. Although it is common to receive just one or the other forms of treatment, the combination of herbs and acupuncture is the happiest marriage. Herbal preparations may be ingested as teas, powders, pills, and tinctures.

After an in-depth evaluation of your condition, I will carefully choose several herbs to blend in a formula for you. I may select some herbs to address the root cause of your condition while I may select others to assuage your symptoms, and I may select others still as prophylactic measure to protect you against further damage. The herbs in a formula custom-created for you work synergistically. Herbs, like people, have personalities and will behave differently depending on the other herbs they are combined with. It is for this reason that a single herb is rarely prescribed on its own… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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