Acupuncture is a branch of Chinese Medicine which includes needling, moxabustion, cupping, gua sha, and tui na. Needling involves the stimulation of specific places on the body, called acupoints, with hair-thin needles. There are over 2000 acupoints on the human body; I determine exactly which points to needle based on your condition. Because the needles are so thin, they are typically painless.

acupuncture-pageAcupuncture is an ancient healing practice which predates recorded history and is based on the notion that Qi courses within all living things. In the practice of acupuncture, we evaluate health by feeling for the relative strength or weakness (the Qi) of energetic pathways that run up and down the body. When an imbalance is found, very fine needles are inserted to guide the flow of qi. And when we move qi, we affect the flow of blood and body fluids so that stagnation is moved, obstructions are cleared, accumulations are dispersed and the smooth functioning of organs is restored. As my teacher’s teacher used to say:“flowing waters run clear”. Acupuncture helps restore the balance so that the waters run clear.

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