happyhourAcupuncture Happy Hour

Get your friends together and have an Acu-Happy Party! With a minimum of five people you can schedule a private party. The main purpose of this 45 minute treatment is to calm and re-balance -like hitting the restart button. It is so effective in calming the nervous system that it is used in treating people with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Once the five hair thin needles are placed on your ears, sit back, relax and enjoy light bodywork and our tea du jour. This well-researched treatment helps you:

  • maximize stress release
  • detox and re-balance
  • calm the nervous system
  • improve sleep
  • support your ability to heal and recharge yourself
  • reduce cravings for cigarettes
  • enhance your immune system and general well-being
  • connect with others in the inviting atmosphere of OPENSPACE WELLNESS's treatment space

Whether it's your first time experiencing acupuncture, you’d like support between your full-body treatments, you’re looking to expand your meditative practice, or you’re just looking to unwind after a busy week, you’ll enjoy the centering and revitalizing effects of this ear needle treatment. Once needles are removed stay, have some tea, and chat quietly with others.

Cost: $40 per person Ear Acupuncture + Tea Bar + Bodywork


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