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If a Doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it. -John H. Kennell, MD

I offer birth consultations that can be tailored to your individual needs. As a doula, I see the profound impact a quality education has on one's choices in childbirth. I encourage you and your partner to take independent childbirth preparation classes. You can learn more about the classes I teach here.

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In 2017 I founded True Birth to accommodate the needs of birthing women on Long Isalnd. Visit me there to see all the fantastic things we have to offer you during this wondrous time.

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Initial consultation, 1 hour minimum
Follow up consultations, scheduled in half hour increments

You may not be ready to commit to hiring a doula. In birth consultations with me you have the opportunity to draw on my knowledge and experience without committing to the larger doula relationship. I'll help you clarify and write your birth preferences, navigate Long Island's maternity care system, understand all your options, and determine the birth setting and type of caregiver that is right for you. I can even help you find a doula who's right for you. I can also be a sounding board for you to help you think through issues that might effect birthing.

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If you're newly pregnant it can be overwhelming to navigate all your options... where to give birth and who would be the best type of caregiver for you: hospital, birth center, or home? Midwife, family physician or obstetrician? Why would you not just use the Ob/Gyn you've been seeing for years?

I can help you understand all of your options surrounding your birthing so that you can be clear about your preferences and communicate them effectively with your care provider. I will help you understand which routine interventions are supported by the medical literature and which are not so that you can make informed choices. I will guide you in conversations to have with your care provider so that you can discern whether your preferences jive with the way your provider practices.

Maybe you're further along in your pregnancy and not sure that your caregiver or hospital is the right fit for you. I will listen carefully to your wishes and direct you to caregivers I think would be a great match for you. As an experienced doula, I've attended births at homes, birth centers and the wide range of hospitals. I've worked with the gamut of midwives and obstetricians. My unique perspective can offer you a window on how your choices will likely effect your birthing, so that you can make informed choices regarding your care.

Or perhaps you know you'll be delivering surgically and want my guidance on how to deliver in a way that feels tender and personal and supported. I will focus on helping you find ways to make your birth resemble your preferences within the parameters of your medical care.

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