kathy I am deeply committed to helping people live in their full potential of vitality. Supporting women in their childbearing years is a natural extension of that commitment for me. In addition to my years of intense training, I bring sensitivity, skill, and insight to everything I do. As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I enlist you to participate actively in your own healing process. As I’ve devoted many years to understanding human experience, from birth to life at its various stages, I offer guidance navigating the waters of both the body and the heart.

I have been student and teacher of Classical Chinese Medicine since 2001, having studied at the Swedish Institute with 88th generation Taoist Priest, Jeffrey Yuen. Classical Chinese Medicine differs from its modernized practice known as "Traditional Chinese Medicine" (TCM) as Classical Chinese Medicine integrates 74 meridians crucial to the treatment of conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, psychological disorders, inherited diseases and issues of the spirit, which are omitted from TCM practice entirely.

Since 2007, inspired by the birth of my first child, I have had the privilege of guiding expecting couples during this beautiful and exciting time with my classes and my presence at their child's birth. My years of supporting women in labor as a birth doula in just about every setting -hospital birth, home birth, water birth, VBAC- have deepened my understanding and appreciation of the birth process. Of course, my own two labors and natural birth were my biggest teachers. For me, this work is a labor of love.

Finally, I am a practitioner of zazen meditation and have done extensive spiritual work through the Chinese Medical model, the Enneagram -a model of human personality that integrates psychotherapy and spiritual traditions, and focusing -a process of “direct access to bodily knowing”. I’ve taught on topics like oncology support, infertility, menopause, depression, anxiety and natural birthing with the assistance of acupuncture. I’m always happy to share my experience and passion with a curious audience.

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